Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Background & Experience: The Stranger

A prominent theme of interest and research in my work in its various manifestations in images and performance art, composition, music and various collaborations in the last 9 years has been the ‘stranger’. More specifically, I have been exploring notions of difference and otherness with a particular focus on the role the human voice plays in expressing, revealing, concealing, addressing, challenging or confronting difference. In addition to the politics and ethics of this subject, my project has been investigating its subtle and complex emotional implications.

Performances and collaborations in the context of the gallery/museum or the concert hall, have been thoroughly enriching, challenging and enjoyable ways to explore notions of the ‘stranger’. In addition, I started building a theoretical foundation between 2001-05, which culminated in a body of work entitled ‘The Acoustics of the Self’, which was awarded a Doctorate by the Slade School of Fine Art at University College London. One half of ‘The Acoustics of the Self’ consists of a doctoral thesis which investigates the male voice in relation to notions of male identity, focusing on the phono-centric part of the ancient myth of Echo and Narcissus, and studying contemporary texts on critical theory, philosophy and contemporary music. The second half of the project consists of a series of compositions for voice, or ‘voice sculptures’ as I prefer to call them, films, videos, and a series of drawings.

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