Monday, 11 January 2010

Duet for voice and stars

As stated in an earlier post on XENON’s ACT I, I have been experimenting with the sounds of pulsars (which are dying stars emitting radio waves), which we receive from space. I’m planning to create a duet for voice and stars. While this intergalactic soundscape possess qualities which reference sci-fi movies, I'm employing the voice in an expressive manner, beginning at the very top of a male falsetto register to create an eerie effect of overstretching and yearning. I am also employing a historical instrument, the harpsichord, which is usually associated with the Baroque and the age of Enlightenment, a period of great progress in science, including astronomy. In addition to the harpsichord manuals (this instrument has 2 keyboards), I’m using the body and strings of the harpsichord as a sound effects unit, with electric-bows, drum sticks and weights. Jane Chapman is a pioneering harpsichord player, with vast experience in historical, avant-garde and new music; she is an accomplished free-improviser and unafraid of pop. J. Chapman really is the perfect partner for this.

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